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education and training
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multiple discipline designer with engineering experience in:

machine design
material handling

front end web developer with
experience in:

php (familiarity)
SQL (familiarity)
as well as limited experience with various CMS systems (joomla/ wordpress/ moonfruit/ etc..)

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education & training

After a successful career in engineering design I decided to return to school. I saw a window of opportunity to put life on hold and dive into a couple of years of 18 credit hours per semester and immerse myself in the task at hand. I graduated with one (1) two year degree, two (2) one year certifications, as well as membership in Phi Theta Kappa honor society.

associate degree doc

President's Ambassadorship- This is offered to the top one or two graduates out of each program. The position is some what honorary. The achievement is in having it offered.
associate degree doc

President's list (X5): This is the equivalent to a "Dean's" list for my college. It is awarded on a semester basis based on GPA. I was on the list for each semester during my attendance.

associate degree doc

Training: I have had experience with SolidWorks since R.1999. I really appreciate it as a design tool. In 2009 I had an opportunity to finally receive some formal training. It was a one week immersion course. A really good experience. Very useful.

associate degree doc
Associate Degree in Applied Computer Technology.

associate degree doc

Applied Science/ Webmaster. This is essentially a one year certificate for network administration and back end development. Even if this isn't your preferred path, it is a great study in managing back end/ server/ security issues and the people that are tasked with dealing with them.

associate degree doc

Applied Science/ Multimedia Design. Basically this encompasses all front end development areas. HTML/ CSS/ javascript/ flash (useless now)/ VB/ C# and more.

associate degree doc

Membership: PHI THETA KAPPA Honor Society X

gallery of projects

Below is a list of my most recent work. Generally you can contact those businesses directly through their website contact info and ask for a reference on my work.

autocad 2020

It was only a matter of time before I would have to retrain on Autocad's current interface. The client I do most of my Autocad work for has been stuck in Acad Land Desktop 2009 since I can remember. I need 2020 experience mainly to help me transition into Civil 3D which is an ongoing process. The two interfaces share a lot of similarities. I'm not sure if anybody actually uses flat out vanilla Acad 2D anymore but it's good to cover all of the bases you can.

autocad 2020

Civil 3D! Finally. I've been trying for the longest time to get access to a seat so I can transition out of Land Desktop. It has been quite an adventure. Most manuals and tutorials are geared to the civil engineering industry. Indeed my mentor has been a civil engineer himself. However, execution of survey drawings take a somewhat different approach. Both angles of appoach are pretty interesting.

solidworks illustration

I'm back into SolidWorks. R.2018 this time. No big changes in the interface. A slight change in how different model views are invoked but that's about the biggest thing I've noticed. I'm automating the assembly of this electrical male adapter. It is currently assembled manually and evidence of that is showing up in some of the features of the individual parts. The whole thing consists of two injected molded parts, 10 fasteners, and six stamped/ machined parts.

solidworks illustration

I think I can perform the assembly within four modules. That's going to depend on my production rate and a couple of other factors. I'm working on the assemble order as well as figuring out how to index and feed the two injected molded parts. I'll post more here as things progress.

solidworks illustration

sea island land survey sea island land survey

Sea Island Land Survey LLC needed a new website. The existing content was essentially up to date but the site itself was designed before smart phones so there was no responsiveness built in. That's changed now. The new mobile interface also has one click front page buttons to call, email, and SMS text the office (mobile illustration- right).

24 Shipwatchpoint 24 Shipwatchpoint

I needed to rent my condo as I moving in the near future. I created a one page advert site which URL I attached to advertisements. The mobile version appeals to me. The site is a one page long scroll but the one touch contact buttons are fixed and never move. It creates a seamless navigable experience.

24 Shipwatchpoint

Of course creating the above mentioned website gave me an excuse to waste half of an afternoon designing an unnecessary logo to go with it. If you're not into local speak (or acronyms) it translates: Twenty-four Shipwatch Point, Broad Creek Landing, Hilton Head Island, South Carolina.

the hotttest spots the hotttest spots is an ongoing client. It is a great resource for finding night life on Hilton Head Island. I designed the original interface (mobile and desktop). I am continually making updates as well as leading the back end team that is constantly updating functionality. Recently, the Hilton Head Island market (click on image- right) has been augmented by Savannah as well as Charleston. This has led to the need for a design that would allow immediate access to each market from the homepage. What we refer to as "global" (click on image-left).

blades hilton head

Blades is a nice straight up information website. There isn't any real magic going on but it was fun integrating their existing branding into something that works well on a website. The mobile side of the site maintatins this style as well.

senate bill s672

S.C. Senate bill 672 (click image- left to open system logic chart pdf)- I have been consulting Sen. Tom Davis' (R- Beaufort County) office to translate this piece of legislation into a workable system in the real world as well as prepare a system cost estimate for a web based platform to accomodate the requirements for all of the governmental departments affected (DMV, DHEC, medical community, etc..). Work is likely to proceed again in the 2017 legislative session.You may view the bill as it stands in it's present form here: S672

senate bill s672

AutoCad- I am still performing CAD and design work on the side (click on the resume download button to download details about my engineering design experience and ongoing work).

hilton head harbor was a good project. We were able to show off the aminites and the diffent items of interest on the property as well as provide an automated secure reservation system. I developed the front end and managed the back end team. Just as Standard ops.

hilton head guns hilton head gun mobile This was a fun project. The owners rely heavily on estate liquidation and auction. I integrated the auction platforms onto the mobile site in such a fashion that as you scroll through the auctions you can email or call the site owner's business for information at any time which is a great feature for this sort of operation (mobile illustration- right).


dabbling in logo and flyer design...